Eight Tips to Win Big at Baccarat

Baccarat is a relatively easy game that some people avoid due to the stigma that surrounds it. However, by following the eight tips listed here, even new players will have a great shot to win--and win big!

1. Bet on the banker most of the time. The house edge is only a little over 1%, but a 3% to 5% commission will be taken on all winning banker bets.
2. It is almost never in a player's best interest to take a tie bet. With a house edge of more than 14%, the casino is going to get the money. Ties do happen on occasion, but predicting them with any accuracy is impossible.
3. If none of the players at the table bet on a tie and a tie occurs, the players get their stakes back.
4. Baccarat is usually played with anywhere between one and eight decks of cards. The fewer the decks in play, the better the player's odds of winning.
5. Learn the rules. This protects players from making silly mistakes, but also allows them to pick up on any mistakes made by the house or the other players at the table.
6. The standard commission on a winning banker bet is 5%. Casinos with lower commissions do better business for obvious reasons!
7. Card counting is fruitless because the increases in the player's odds are only slight. In online venues, card counting is nearly impossible due to the random number generating software.
8. Every player should set limits for playing, including a winning limit. If the win or loss limit is exceeded, stop playing and cash out.

These are the best tips for baccarat anywhere on the web, but they cannot help a single player if that player is not willing to follow them. Employ each of these rules and ensure that they are always followed in order to expect the best outcome.